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Born in New York, 1949


Larry Salander's passion, energy, and sense of quality is evident in his work.  Through his need to create, this self-taught prolific artist has evolved into his own unique style.   


His artwork has been shown at Gerald Peters Gallery, The Butler Institute of American Art, Meredith Long and Company, Berta Walker

Gallery, amongst others.



Sole juror, 79th Annual Columbus Art league Exhibition, May 31 - July 2, 1989.


Past jurors included: Edward Hopper, Max Weber, Homer St. Gaudens, and David Smith.


Prices available upon request.





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Works on Paper

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""""""To look at a Larry Salander canvas is also to look into it because he understands the medium so well.  A few turns of the brush seem to provide passageways into and around seemingly solid forms which also appear to disolve into transitory ones.  Larry Salander looks at expressionism through the lens of fifty years of change and discovery and what he brings forth is a worthy descendent of the greatness of post-war American painting."  Louis A. Zona, Director of The Butler Institute of American Art, from the exhibition catalogue October 8 - November 28, 2004 at The Butler Institute


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